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FOLK:visvim's new line

08 2/7 UP

Text:Tetsuya Suzuki Photo:Shoichi Kajino Translation:Mayumi Horiguchi Edited by CUBISM inc.


The "FOLK" line came into existence as a new series for Visvim. Would you explain the line to us?
Hiroki Nakamura (N)
Well, the simplified version is that I just wanted to create “something good,” and I guess the inception of our FOLK series began with that intention. But at first I didn’t really know what qualities this “good product” should have. I thought about it over and over again, but not of what features or specifications it should contain, but something more at the core of what every good product has intrinsically, the very qualities that make something good… And all good things share similar qualities. With this in mind, as I traveled extensively, I began seeing hints in ancient things − things which have existed for centuries, or things which have been heavily used for long periods of time. I noticed very old Italian structures built from stone, rustic items from daily life in Tibet, etc., taking full advantage of the surrounding natural materials and making the best possible usage of these easily available materials. Seeing these things changed my awareness of natural “products,” and changed my opinion of how materials can be used.
I see. You used natural leather as the material for the "FOLK" series. It's both impressive and attractive.
N :
Actually, this leather was tanned using natural vegetable ingredients and extracts. It’s called vegetable-tanned leather and until you put it on, you can’t fully realize how amazing and efficient it is. Shoes made with this kind leather completely breathe. They don’t become stuffy or moist once your feet sweat. The leather is extremely absorbent and helps moisture evaporate more quickly. Shoes using this leather are very, very comfortable. We’ve used mesh before in our footwear, but I would much prefer to use natural materials when possible and this kind of leather has been used for centuries in footwear, and has been time-proven. The intent of the FOLK series is to raise the level of what footwear should be, and how footwear should feel on your feet, so this material was an easy selection.