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シンガポールラッフルズホテル館内に海外3店舗目となるF.I.L. SINGAPOREをグランド

12 7/26 UPDATE

visvimのフラッグシップストアF.I.L.。昨年、香港にて2店舗目となるF.I.L. WAN CHAIをオープンさせたばかりだが、早くも海外3店舗目となるF.I.L. SINGAPOREがシンガポールラッフルズホテル館内にグランドオープンする。



また今回のオープンに伴い、UKカウスエードをアッパーに採用したYUCCA MOC-FOLK、紡績からオリジナルで開発したSOCIAL SCULPTURE DENIMをアッパーに、GIZAコーデュロイ生地で切り替えたSKAGWAY LO 2-TONEなど、日本国内では展開がない海外エクスクルーシブアイテムも発売予定。

Following the opening of a second location last year in Hong Kong's Wan Chai
district comes the grand opening of visvim's third international F.I.L.
location at the Raffles Hotel, a colonial-style hotel widely regarded as one
of the premier luxury hotels in Singapore. In 1989 the hotel was
temporarily closed for major renovations, re-opening in 1991 following
restoration to its original grandeur from the hotel's heyday during the
early 1900's.

The newest F.I.L. features antique parquet flooring made from aged timber,
and pure white walls reminiscent of a laboratory. A full-size vintage bar
counter from centuries past adds the finishing touches to a space that
reflects visvim's characteristic design aesthetic and philosophy.

In conjunction with the grand opening, F.I.L. SINGAPORE will stock overseas
F.I.L. exclusive items, including a new YUCCA MOC-FOLK with a premium UK
cowhide suede upper and SKAGWAY LO 2-TONE featuring a combination of custom
spun Social Sculpture Denim and premium fabricated Giza corduroy upper

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328 North Bridge Road, Raffles Hotel Arcade,
#01-33, Singapore 188719
tel: +66-6337-9390

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